Faster, smarter medical record review.

Sequoia Port makes it easier for professionals to index, organize, and review medical records

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Leverage automation to get a clearer picture

Save time, save money

Sequoia saves 30-50% of the time to index, sort, and otherwise organize medical records and saves doctors 20-40% of their time in reviewing records and creating reports. This is achieved via smart automation of tedious manual tasks.

Professional ecosystem

A complete ecosystem for both receiving and supplying services for record reviews. Create a presence and leverage the network to receive cases or delegate and manage the review process.

Secure environment

Your data is safely stored in a HIPAA compliant environment, all connections to the server are encrypted and two-factor authentication is used for accessing your account. End the risk of unencrypted communications and storage for sensitive data.

Smart report generation

Easily create case reports and customize them to your needs. Report fields automatically populated from the information entered during the review process.

Easy orientation

Text searches in scanned documents and notes, repeated pattern detection, simple navigation between, dates and corresponding pages or notes, intuitive indexing and organizing, bookmarks, and additional features and automations to speed up, improve and always be on top of the review process.

Increased accuracy

Advanced algorithms that separate the wheat from the chaff and enable concentrating on the important information rather than irrelevant data. The review process is streamlined and intuitively extends the way reviews are done increasing speed and accuracy of the review process.

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